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Brokeback Mountain - Review

Brokeback Mountain - Annie Proulx

This is a novella rather than a full length novel. You can read this in at most a couple of hours even if you read slowly. 

Still it is a memorable, even though I found it to bee a bit too short for the time it presents. The story lasts several years. 

And to make it clear, it is not an erotic novel. The first part has a few lines that could be considered erotic, even pornographic, but there not that long, and don't do into much detail. Most of the story revolves around the lives of the characters and even those we get very few moments drawn out in full, again because of how short it is.

A warning though: the story is quite sad and to an extent even depressing because of some of the deterministic outlook presented. 

The mood of the book is quite well done. It stays with you for a while after finishing reading it and that alone would make me say that this is worth a read.