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Creativity - Review

Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

A basically good presentation of what the so called positive psychology movement has found up until now about the nature of creativity. 

But beware, this is not hard science!

The main content of the book is based on interviews with people considered to be successfully creative in the Western countries, Nobel laureates, researchers, artist (none of them well known, at leas not to me) and the book quotes long passages from the interviews as examples. 

Some of these are cringe inducing. There is one particular female subject who goes on a rather new-age inspired esoteric tangent which was terrible and is the reason I can't whole hardheartedly recommend this book. 

It is not the end all be all of creativity research, it is much more a simplified version for the public and tries to touch on every possible domain that could be considered a creative line of work. 

On the plus side it presents the lives and the work styles of several scientists which is really inspiring and has no need for a divinely inspired reason. Some of the descriptions of why and how they create or work on solving a particular question using science is what makes me say that all the faults of positive psychology of glorifying an ambiguous and non-defined spirituality aside, this is a book worth reading of you'we ever been curious about how the minds of creative people work and what their creative process looks like.